Self love

Being an older sister and naturally a women I’ve always had an interest in homemaking. And would proudly take on the job.

Fast forward few decades:

Between the hobbies, wedding celebrations, friends & clients. And at the time a new full time job I veered off of something I’ve always loved – homemaking.

Today was one of those days where I wanted to be quiet, left with my own thoughts. To just be.

There is something about cooking while listening to soft tunes that keeps me grounded. In the moment. Where time stays still. And nothing else matters.
In the moments like this, I’m grateful for my life more than ever
and people I’m surrounded with.
Taking time for myself means slowing down, breathe deeper, being present.

I also know that by taking time for myself I become a better wife, friend, daughter, person. I am ME!

I take my life for granted. I do. In today’s hustle and bustle is hard to slow down. But when I finally do, I’m overwhelmed with the love I feel. Love for my life, for the little things and those around me.

As simple as a soft tune in the background and a night of cooking takes me someplace where I want to be more.

How do you practice self love?

‘Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live’. ~Jim Rohn




‘Tis the season..

With the hustle and bustle of Holiday season and the fact that I am way behind on my holiday shopping (so not like me) surprisingly, I feel at peace.
I’m at peace with the fact that consciously, I’ll make time to bake, cook my first turkey and host an amazing orphan Christmas dinner. All with pleasure and plenty of gratitude.
This Holiday is different from any other. I have decided to continue the theme of 2013 and embrace; more gratitude and less material things/possessions.

My spouse and I turned 30 this year. It’s huge for both of us!  So this decade we are concentrating on gratitude, happiness and bigger than ever accomplishments! And hosting an orphan Christmas dinner is the first.
We are grateful for our health, little family that we created over the years, good and loyal people in our lives, those who wished they had them and the ones that are far away from family and friends during this cozy, holiday season and the ones we get to see once in few years.
The rest of the year is all about us and the people we surround ourselves with during this Holiday season.
So I’m asking you, to make this Christmas special… do something different: invite a lonely friend for a dinner, make a sandwich for a homeless guy you pass by everyday to the coffee shop, create a random act of kindness. Do something that will make your soul smile – it’s that time of year!


‘Learn more, read more, be more – always!’ -DariaImage only die once

I woke up feeling grateful that I am able to share my skills with someone in need. However, I could not predict how amazing and rewarding it would be.

I arrived at the hospice early, to organize and familiarize myself with the area, nurses and the rest of the girls on my team.
My impression of this place haven’t changed. It’s still is very warm and peaceful, I like it here.

First patient – the one I’ll never forget.

Handsome gentlemen as appears to be in his 70’s calmly laying in bed. His well put together wife sitting next to him, rubbing his hand, feeding him at times. She says he loves foot massage and he’s thrilled for the treat.

So I proceed. As I gently warm the lotion between my hands I place my hands on his feet. His skin is soft and warm and I already feel his energy. He instantly relaxes and manages a little smile as a sign of approval and a state of bliss that he is in.
My heart melts, I become emotional. I don’t want him to leave his wife, not yet at least. I picture myself in her shoes, it’s getting harder. I take a big breath. I look up and see how much he’s enjoying it and that makes me feel a little bit better.

I go on…

I moved on to his hands and that’s when it became unreal.
I don’t want to let go. I want to rub and hold his hand. His energy is pulling me towards him, he’s giving me his positive vibration. I can feel it, it’s surreal! 

First time in my life I felt like the time has stopped and nothing else matters but this moment. I didn’t force it, it came over me as I connected with this men on the level I can even describe. I didn’t wanna leave, not because I felt sorry for him or his lovely wife but because where I was, time stood still and the feeling of peace and happiness was hovering in the air. 

What just happened? I left with more than I came with…

I might not be able to comprehend this concept, but what I know for certain is, ‘If today were last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?I’ll always say YES!

What would YOU do today?

‘When we give cheerfully and accept gracefully, everyone is blessed’ ~ Maya Angelou



Trip down memory lane

Recently my fiancé and I traveled home.

We revisited old neighbourhoods, favourite restaurants, friends, families, had endless get togethers.  Sat at the cafes, people watched. Soaking up that cozy, familiar feeling of home.

Not much have changed since we left 4 years ago, but we did. We grew older, wiser and little bit more in-tune with ourselves. We realized home is where we met, adopted our dog, put down roots, created life and our friends and family.

We were given an amazing opportunity to travel to the opposite coast to explore the world and ourselves as individuals. It’s been the most amazing journey and I could not be more grateful for it!

I’ve met the most inspiring people who challenged me to become the best version of me, accomplished my biggest auditions goals, stepped out of my comfort zone and continuing to do so and this is just a beginning.

But right now it’s time to go home…