..Colder, darker days

Last night millions of people turned back the clock in preparation for colder, darker days – known as winter.

First time in my life I welcomed winter with open arms and a little excitement.  There is something about this cozy season that makes my heart smile. I’m excited!
I’m excited for the new beginnings of this season. Excited for crispy morning runs followed by soul warming soups for lunch. Slow cooker meals for dinner and knitting, reading, baking filled weekends. At this time of year I find myself digging in into the projects that have been put on hold in the sunny summer months. And committing to those challenges I was hoping to forget đŸ™‚
It’s the perfect time to feed your soul!

There are few things I’ll be part of. May I suggest you give them a try? or perhaps create your own?

+ Soup Exchange (get together with girlfriends and share your favourite soup dishes with each other)
+ Swimming (to me, it’s a life skill to master) to you it might be a way to relax, exercise or both
+ Knitting (to be exact, learning how. Along with creating a piece to wear)
+ Craft workshops (love me some DIY)
+ Make my goals come true. Project. (do you have something you’d always wanted to achieve? well, this is the time)
+ Post holiday 7 day ‘Ready, Set, Glow’ detox program (who else is in?)
+ Daily gratitude (work in progress) “Sometimes the little things in life mean the most.”
+ Read more, learn more, be more – always!

What are you going to do differently this time around? Share!