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Blissed out

There is something about yoga. Something that fully clears my head, recharges me in a different way and fires me up for life!

Last night I attended Forrest Yoga. First class of 2014. As I was sitting on my mat, propped up with the block, soaking up every word, every intention our teacher wanted us to explore/set for the next 90 minutes. Something appeared to me, I feel ‘at home’ on my mat. I feel safe, connected to my body, I feel fully present. As if nothing else matters.
It’s a gentle reminder to be more present. To learn to just.. be!

When asanas gets tough – I don’t give up, I breathe though it. And when it’s all over I feel that enormous space that I have created. And I remind myself to take a big, deep breath when life gets tough – to breathe through it all and to create that space I’ve been craving.

Yoga taught me to put aside what ifs and to concentrate on what is, to be in the moment, right here, right now!
During this difficult past few months of work and wedding planning I needed time for myself. Place where I can leave every little thing at the door and to be present with my own thoughts and my own body. And I found that!
My goal this year is to dedicate good amount of my time to yoga, to learn to be fully present and to breathe through life’s tough moments. Namaste!

How would you live this precious life?

‘Live more, read more, learn more – always!’Image


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