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‘Tis the season..

With the hustle and bustle of Holiday season and the fact that I am way behind on my holiday shopping (so not like me) surprisingly, I feel at peace.
I’m at peace with the fact that consciously, I’ll make time to bake, cook my first turkey and host an amazing orphan Christmas dinner. All with pleasure and plenty of gratitude.
This Holiday is different from any other. I have decided to continue the theme of 2013 and embrace; more gratitude and less material things/possessions.

My spouse and I turned 30 this year. It’s huge for both of us!  So this decade we are concentrating on gratitude, happiness and bigger than ever accomplishments! And hosting an orphan Christmas dinner is the first.
We are grateful for our health, little family that we created over the years, good and loyal people in our lives, those who wished they had them and the ones that are far away from family and friends during this cozy, holiday season and the ones we get to see once in few years.
The rest of the year is all about us and the people we surround ourselves with during this Holiday season.
So I’m asking you, to make this Christmas special… do something different: invite a lonely friend for a dinner, make a sandwich for a homeless guy you pass by everyday to the coffee shop, create a random act of kindness. Do something that will make your soul smile – it’s that time of year!


‘Learn more, read more, be more – always!’ -DariaImage


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the season..

  1. Your writing is very inspiring! I’m doing the same thing been grateful, thanking for every blessing I get and doing something that will make my soul smile. Merry Christmas!

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