Trip down memory lane

Recently my fiancé and I traveled home.

We revisited old neighbourhoods, favourite restaurants, friends, families, had endless get togethers.  Sat at the cafes, people watched. Soaking up that cozy, familiar feeling of home.

Not much have changed since we left 4 years ago, but we did. We grew older, wiser and little bit more in-tune with ourselves. We realized home is where we met, adopted our dog, put down roots, created life and our friends and family.

We were given an amazing opportunity to travel to the opposite coast to explore the world and ourselves as individuals. It’s been the most amazing journey and I could not be more grateful for it!

I’ve met the most inspiring people who challenged me to become the best version of me, accomplished my biggest auditions goals, stepped out of my comfort zone and continuing to do so and this is just a beginning.

But right now it’s time to go home…