Meal prepping challenge


I’m a huge fan of food. Real food in particular.

This week I attended live webinar that was hosted by Angela Peters – personal trainer and a holistic coach ( it was informative, educational and inspirational! She talked about meal prepping, cooking, freezing veg and fruit bath just to name few.

For the past month or two I’ve used the excuse that I’m busy, lazy or lack creativity when comes to cooking or even meal planning for that matter. In reality it’s far from the truth. I love cooking and I’m huge on planning. All I needed is a little kick in the butt and a bit of inspiration. Angela did just that.

I was introduced to Plan to Eat ( which is simple monthly meal planning website that organizes your recipes and creates your grocery list. This website is full of healthy recipes that vary from raw, vegan, desserts to gluten-free and paleo options.

So I’ve decided to take on the challenge and commit to meal planning along with meal prepping for the week.

Why meal planning is time well spent:

-Setting aside full day for meal prepping makes the rest of the week less stressful
-My fridge is fully stocked with healthy goods, so when the cravings strikes I’m well prepared
-Saves money in many ways and there is no need to eat out
-Makes it easier to stick to clean eating
-I feel well organized and a proud Domestic Goddess

There are endless benefits of healthy meal prepping and if you haven’t tried it, the time is now!

Learn about it on your own, through Angela’s website, online courses. Just do it! You’ll thank me for it, I promise!

How would you incorporate meal planning into your life?



Confession: I’m Obsessed With Bodies. Mine Included.

Love yourself!

Body Karma

[As seen on MindBodyGreen]

It sucks to admit, and it frankly frustrates the hell out of me, but I’m obsessed with bodies. Mine included. I was gleefully in denial of this fact until my most recent yoga teacher training class.  Now it’s so in my face that I can barely see around it.

Whether I’m in yoga, at work, out in the world, perusing Facebook and flipping through magazines, there are a multitude of beautiful and wildly different bodies on display. And what do I do? Obsess, obsess, obsess; compare, compare, compare. Not in every case, but far too often.

I notice my mind feeling totally overwhelmed by a compulsive desire to obsess over how much skinnier or flexible or seemingly perfect a person is than me. I sometimes even find myself tucking mental notes on how impeccable an outfit is on a girl with the most perfect body, so I…

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