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Rocking my goals

GoalsOne of my 2013 goals was to train and complete Super Spartan in Vegas. First thought – terrifying!

After researching few local gyms, CrossFit ‘boxes’ I found the one that’s perfect for me! That training and mental preparation that I was afraid of disappeared in the first class. I learned that with great fitness community, accountability partners and determination anything is possible!

Seeing all those goals written on the piece of paper seem so real.
I’m committed. I shared my goals with the world. Keep me accountable!

It’s been an amazing journey so far. I’ve learned so much about myself. What I am capable of. What I was made of.
It’s an incredible experience to be able to commit to something 100% and get rewarded for the hard work. I was able to make new friends in a fitness community, be pushed to the limit by my trainer and to feel ‘at home’. Everyday I can’t wait for that 5:30/6:00am class to reunite with my new friends and to see how far I can push my body. Rocking goals – ROCK!

I would like to inspire and challenge you! Commit to one thing, not just anything – something that sounds terrifying and exciting at the same time. Because if it is, it’s a good idea!

Now, go, rock your goals. I’m keeping you accountable.


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