Jessika Fernandez


Photo Credit: Carly Bish Photography

My significant other sweetly proposed to me during a restorative yoga class in late June. Since agreeing to marry the man of my dreams, life has been an absolute whirlwind. I am so excited to tie the knot with the one that I love, but I think all brides (and grooms!) can relate to feeling ridiculously overwhelmed during the wedding planning phase (is eloping on a beach still out of the question?! wink, wink!).

For me, and I imagine many others can empathize; our engagement has been a roller coaster. The highs of celebrating our love, spending time with friends and family, fantasizing about our future and developing a deeper connection have been incredible. The lows of juggling schedules, dealing with the financial and time crunch of planning a wedding, being tossed into a sea of change and feeling the pressure to plan a lifeā€¦

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